Outfit: Back to Basics

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So, after too many a month procrastinating, my first blog post is finally live and let me tell you, it was not an easy feat to press the publish button. As people who know me are probably aware, I now have considerably shorter hair than this, just showing how long this post has been sat in my drafts (about 7 months to be exact). There are probably 2 main reasons for the delay, 1 being my natural habitat of procrastination and 2 actually feeling embarrassed to post it… There I said it! There are already so many amazing bloggers out there doing such a great job, I doubted that anyone would be interested in what I had to offer but hey,Β this is my final year in my 20’s and I will not be afraid anymore, because, if nothing else, Β I… am a grown up!!! Therefore I can’t be scared, OBVS!

So, for my first blog post it seemed logical to start at the very beginning (a very good place to start)… The Basics. The timeless classic of a jeans and tee combo.

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At heart I am a very lazy dresser most days and as much as I LOVE fashion; jeans and tee has got to be one of my go to looks when I really haven’t got the time (or energy) to think of anything more exciting, this outfit is simple yet effective and still gives you that nod to fashion, especially when paired with some key accessories.

If like me, you have spent the best part of your 20’s (and refuse to let it continue into your 30’s) looking for the perfect high waisted jeans, then I am here to tell you – look no more, I think I might have just found them!!!

I have tried many a skinny jean, some may call me a connoisseur of skinnies (by ‘some’ I mean me). From Primark to Miss Selfridge (always refusing to buy into the Topshop ‘Joni’ hype) and although all have been fine, none have been GREAT. Fading and loss of shape are skinny jean conundrums, is there a pair out there that defies this, I don’t know…Β BUT a few months ago I tried a pair from Mint Velvet, the *Ashville’s and They. Are. TRES GOOD. Not only are they super comfy and jet black (and I have worn them to actual death), they are also the best fit ever, they come up right to the waist and… AND they have belt loops!!! When does that ever happen? For a girl who loves a western belt, this brings me muchos joy. The one down fall with these is that they aren’t super skinny, I did have to make some amendments to them for the ultimate drain pipe look but believe me, it is worth it.

The basic tee is just the cutest cheap alternative to the Comme De Garcon… **if only we could all afford the real deal right? But this one was a steal from Primark and it is such a good fit too as I always feel, like jeans, it is really difficult to find the perfect fitting tee.


To complete the look, just throw on a classic leather (or faux in my case) biker jacket, a pair of cool shades (why do sunglasses just automatically make you appear much cooler…) and of course a western belt… hellooo! For an injection of colour I have tied a bandana round my ankle, picking up on the red in my tee, I just love these bandanas, I also have a black one and you can style them in so many ways, it’s just such a simple accessory to throw on and it adds instant ***style points to any outfit.

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*these are also available in long and short lengths which is an added bonus.

**when I was like 10 I definitely thought I would have all the money and diamonds in the world by the time I reached this age (cryyy).

***when you reach a certain age you can feel lost in the fashion world, am I too old to wear this? is a question that starts popping into your mind, it is such a sad time for us! Like I actually think my knees are starting to sag and from a girl who has never been a short skirt wearer I regret the days of youth spent with my young knees hidden. Why did I not wear that mini when I was 18? WHHYYY???

Hope you enjoyed my FIRST EVER post (Yay me for finally hitting the publish button), any feedback is enthusiastically welcomed! πŸ™‚

🍞 x


4 thoughts on “Outfit: Back to Basics

  1. Lucy

    Oh my goodness missed this one somehow! Omg black skinny needs!!!!!! That’s so weird I was talking “Joni” yesterday with you, this is a look I rock very often. Live in my skinnys and LOVE this Look Laura ❀ gonna check out those jeans for sure xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lauracookson

      Oh no, you missed the basics! I know, that is weird! Shopping for jeans is so hard, got to get the perfect fit for you! πŸ‘ŒπŸΌ xx


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