Outfit: Space-Cowboy

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So, I’m pretty sure me calling myself a “lazy dresser” is fast becoming a theme to this blog… The laziest dresser in the blogosphere? Rings a bell right? But anyway, I do live for being warm and cosy, which can really pose a problem for someone who is obsessed with style. My way around this, is a great accessory… I am like the BIGGEST fan of accessorising, it’s ALL about the details!!!Β You’ll probably notice a key accessory is always present in every look I sport… This week, of course, is no exception… Hello space-cowboy boots and fishnet socks!

Anyway, going off point… let’s just talk about this jumper for a second… like if I was ever to be reincarnated as a jumper this would be me! So super cozy and oversized… I mean check out the sleeve length, it’s like my favourite thing, I cannot tell you the struggle I have finding these Mr Tickle arms a decent length sleeve. Praise be to H&M!

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In all honesty, I genuinely love this outfit, it’s so super cozy and effortless whilst giving us those style points we so crave! πŸ™‚ The slouchy-ness and oversized feel of the whole thing is like my favourite thing, it shouldn’t work on so many levels but in my eyes it just so does. Oversized Levi’s, check! Oversized knit, check! Oversized coat, check! All of these items are genuinely about 2 sizes 2 big for me but I do that on occasion just to get the look I’m really going for – skinny jeans and a slim knit would not this outfit make! No sir.

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These pieces are some of my faves at the moment, my Levi jeans I bought on eBay a few years back and I could genuinely live in them I love them that much! They seriously seem to go with anything, so expect to see these crop up a fair amount. I haven’t got the largest of wardrobes so I tend to try and experiment with the clothes I have, most of my clothes have been loved and worn to death and every so often I get myself a new tasty little morsel to throw in the mix… Of course I wish I could shop everyday but living in the city with bills to pay and food to eat (priorities!!!) I have limited funds to spend on clothes, so I have to get experimental (which again is why I love accessories so much).

Processed with VSCO with c1 presetProcessed with VSCO with c1 preset

There’s so much you can do with accessories to nail that key trend of the moment and it doesn’t have to cost you the earth. To replicate the embellished trend I have just bought a couple of cheap pins from Primark and stuck them on an old bag that really needed an update – it’s all about thinking outside the box if you can’t afford to update your wardrobe every time there’s a new trend (and let’s face it, who can? Trends are just constant!)

And with that, I will bid thee farewell and leave you with the wise words of an elderly lady that stopped me in Waterstones and asked where to buy these very boots… “Grow old Disgracefully!”

PS. I’d love to hearΒ if any of you have other money saving ideas on how to keep up to date with trends?

🍞 x


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