Outfit: Flared Err-thing

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Hands up who can’t put their hands up because they are weighed down by gi-normous sleeves… Yes, it’s another big sleeve week here on Whitebread… literally can’t get enough!!!

So, in recent weeks Spring has been teasing us with a sneaky little glimpse of sun here and there, which of course has been sandwiched by copious amounts of rain (thanks Manchester). It’s that transitional time of year when you literally do not know what to wear because the weather can’t make up it’s bloody mind!!! This my friends, is what I call layering season.

I am a very cold person (in temperature, not in a calculating sort of way) so these months drive me batty… I’ll leave the house in one outfit and instantly regret it when the weather shifts, which is why layering is key!

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This fine knit ribbed jumper was a recent purchase of mine from (quelle surprise – girl on a budget) Primark. I just fell in love with the sleeves and had to have it, I had to get it in a size 20… 20 no less, so the sleeves would actually fit me… I have previously mentioned my Mr Tickle arms right? Like seriously, for reals! For extra warmth, I layered this cute little negligee type dress over. It’s perfect for layering, as my little cold self barely has the courage to wear it alone, and I do love it so! The length of this also meant that I could take my new fave denim fit out for a spin again, oh hey cropped kick flares (to see how I have previously styled them, click here).

Let me know what your go-to layering look is in these transitional months; this is still pretty much scarf and hat weather for me, although I don’t really wear hats on account of my huge head – huge head and Mr Tickle arms – WOW! Being the cold (and calculating) person that I am, thermals were pretty much the best purchase I ever made!

And on that note I’ll bid thee farewell for another week. Hope you enjoyed the post, as always any feedback, sharing, likes, general well wishing and chocolate are all greatly received. ☺️

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7 thoughts on “Outfit: Flared Err-thing

  1. Lucy

    Wow size 20 girl 😂 You do love your mr tickle arms, I have an awful habit of wearing too little and not layering enough (which I thought in my 30’s I would grow out of….alas not 😂) I did layer a black crop over a long white shirt the other day with my fav short black mini skirt and black tights (I felt very Cher from clueless) I teamed this with my matallic flats, I feel like I’ve been more Brave with my styling since reading your blog, trying to be less of a #basicbitch when it comes to clothes, great blog again and great Pics T ❤ always look forward to them xxx

    Liked by 1 person

    1. lauracookson

      Yaya, glad I can inspire you to try new things! Just what I wanted! 😀 Thank you so much for all your feedback, really appreciate that you always take the time! xx


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