Outfit: Birthday Suit

So, this week has been a long and treacherous week of birthday celebrations (it’s such a chore to constantly eat, drink and be merry for that amount of time) which has resulted in me sitting in bed on a Sunday evening, realising that I haven’t put a blog post out this week and trying to fight the fear of returning to work after spending most of the weekend in a weird drunken, paranoid haze… So 29 is clearly going to be the year where I start adulting for reals.

Hangover aside though, I have had a truly wonderful birthday this year and rather than feeling scared at being another year closer to the big 30 I actually feel super happy. I think it’s so easy to concentrate on the things that may be missing from our lives instead of realising the truly amazing things we already have going for us… I’m getting seriously deep here peeps!

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So anyway, can we firstly just take a moment to appreciate the most beautiful shirt in the world? Like what the hell, it’s so pretty!!! This was definitely one of my most favourit-est (so good I make up words) gifts and I had to throw it on immediately, teaming it with my new denim crush, the trusty belted biker (to see how I’ve styled this before click here and here) and hello… did anyone notice my new black boots?!!! The search is over people… well can you ever really have enough black boots? But for now my heart is complete with these gorgey little Chelsea come sock boots (it’s like 2 of my favourite style of boots mated)… another amazing gift! My boyfriend truly nailed it with the gifts this year… Pat on the back to you kind Sir! 😘

Processed with VSCO with c1 preset

Gifts aside, I had a brilliant time celebrating, starting with pre-birthday celebrations at home with family, laughing lots and eating and drinking more (a magnum of prosecco that nearly took my mums eye out comes to mind), getting to spend time with my beautiful niece where she showed me all the new tricks she has learnt, catching up with dear friends, and FINALLY seeing Beauty and Beast – which didn’t disappoint. Then my actual day of birth consisted of being woken up with my fave prosecco and a super tasty breakfast, present time (so, so spoilt so big thanks to all who took the time to buy me a gift/send me a card), a museum visit, glorious views and cocktails in Cloud 23 and the most delicious tapas at El Gato Negro… it was the best day!!! AND of course celebrations rolled into yet another weekend (because lets face it celebrating on just one day is never enough) which passed by in a blur of drinking with work colleagues, hangovers and paranoia, randomly getting tickets to a Craig David gig and being fed zombies (and copious amounts of chips) by my best friend, again followed by hangovers and paranoia… Ahhh, old age.

But yeah, a very fun week was had, hence my very late post so apologies for that but getting drunk on zombies and black sambuca was clearly way too much of a priority.

PS. If you are interested in buying any of the pieces featured for yourself (or subtly dropping hints so someone else will buy them for you) then click on the following: Jeans, Shirt, boots (NOW ON SALE!!!)

PPS. If you’re interested in what I’m up to daily, or seeing any other pics from my birthday then remember to check out my instagram (link at the top of the page or just click here)

Peace and love guys ✌🏼



One thought on “Outfit: Birthday Suit

  1. Lucy

    I’m so happy that you had a nice Birthday my love. This outfit looks so effortless stylish on you……….and I am soooooo happy for you with your boots they look super comfy 😍 Xxxxx

    Liked by 1 person

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