Outfit: Denim


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So this week, I’m talking more about denim because let’s face it, there is no hiding from it! It’s back in a huge way this spring/summer and I for one have found a renewed love for all things denim.

I recently purchased these distressed light denim jeans from H&M with the very of the moment frayed stepped hem, I love these jeans and although they are really quite similar to my trusty Levi’s (as my boyfriend pointed out) I still had to have them. They tick all the denim trend boxes, keeping us right at the fashion fore-front and let’s face it they go with everything so they’re more of an investment than anything else (pretty much the line I use for every guilt ridden purchase I make – yes, this neon pink visor will go with absolutely everything*).

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So, who is absolutely thrilled that the sun finally seems to be putting his hat on (lets hope there is super glue in the rim), we’ve had some glorious days here in Manchester, why does sunshine just instantly make you feel happier? Saying that though it also stunts motivation seen as though all you want to do is sit in a beer garden somewhere and get royally pissed Β – which is exactly what we did yesterday, hence another late blog post! (Slap on the wrist!)

It’s a really nice feeling dressing for the spring/summer months, like not having to wear a big heavy coat that pretty much ruins an outfit is great. I am a really cold person and as a result of this I can make some questionable outfit choices in the winter months… I’m not even sorry, warmth comes first, always. I’m no longer a teenager who can brave -20 in a mini skirt and boob tube, in fact I am more frequently hearing my mother when I speak now, catching myself uttering things like “Ooo, I feel cold just looking at her!”

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Anyway, I digress… Denim! It’s really having its moment in the sun at the minute (literally) and I’m all over it. I’ve always loved my Mom and skinny fits and I am a huge fan of the high waist but recently I been trying to experiment more with my denim collection… you may remember the cropped kick flare and the fun I’ve had styling these (click here and here to see), it took some time to embrace a new fit but once I did there was no stopping me.

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Another thing I’m keen to experiment with is statement earrings, so I am ever so slightly trying to up my earring game. For ages now I have worn either studs or teeny tiny hoops and that’s about as adventurous as I’d ever go, I think I’ve done that for so long I just feel like I look ridiculous in anything more dramatic. These cool bar earrings are my stepping stone to a more sassy lobe, I love them, definitely more of a statement but I’m building up to all these really dramatic tassel earrings that I have been seeing everywhere… I just need to find my inner Pat Butcher so I have the confidence to sport them, I’m positive she’s in there somewhere, come on Pat lad!!!

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And let’s end this post on an image of squeaky clean new sneaks… ahh, is there anything more satisfying? I am actually a lover of a more worn in trainer but my last ones got so battered that I am just gushing over the newness of these… and now you can too! 😍

PS. I’d love to know what your go to denim fit is or if there is any particular style you have been playing around with lately… I think my next purchase is a lovely cream straight cut denim from H&M, they’re currently patiently waiting in my wishlist.

PPS. You may have noticed another way to style a bandana in this blog… to check out the ways I have previously styled them click hereΒ andΒ here.


*just to clarify, I do not own a neon pink visor – but my point is valid.


3 thoughts on “Outfit: Denim

  1. Lucy

    I love denim, I have gotten to wear my trusty denim jacket the past few weeks on the odd day of sunshine, I actually do not own a pair of blue denim jeans at the moment so I need to remedy. I love the blazer and trainer combo that would be right up my street ❀️ Xxxx

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