Outfit: Happy Pants

The sun was shining this weekend in Manchester (as in last weekend when these pics were taken – the weather this weekend sucked!), so I put my happy pants on and drank Prosecco… what else is there to do when the sun is shining really?

Who else thinks these pants are super fun? I am so in love with them, even if some people think I look like a pirate (not mentioning any names), but seriously crushing so hard on them! I, along with the rest of the fashion world, have gone completely ruffle mad, it’s a trend that’s really having a “fashion moment” right now and I have fallen for it hook, line and sinker! (Is that a pirate phrase? I don’t actually know… oh the irony!)

This week its all about these statement trousers, and with that in mind I have paired these with a basic Breton top (I absolutely love the simplicity of a striped top, I always feel very Parisian when I wear stripes which is a bonus as I think Paris style is sooooo chic), staple black boots and the jacket that I literally can’t move without at the moment. To add a bit more drama to this outfit, I added a 3D necklace, which is several years old but I still pull it out from time to time; it’s a real cool piece and always works so well to add a point of interest to the more basic outfit ensembles. I finished the look off with this mesh shopper (notice how I strategically put my red diary in to tie in with the outfit… such a blogger twat move, haha).

So, these summer days have really got me excited for when it actually decides to be summer for reals, instead of giving us a cheeky little taster only to whip it away from us like an evil weather bitch… rain again, really? But anyway, these days have got me thinking about my summer wardrobe and the pieces I need to complete it; at the moment the things I’m lacking are something yellow and something gingham… help! If anyone knows of any cool pieces that you think I should have a look at then give me a shout.

The key trends I am championing this Spring/Summer are: The pleated midi skirt (watch this space), anything with ruffles, PINK, the statement sleeve (as you probably already know – check it out here and here), YELLOW, gingham, high gloss (I’ve got some vinyl pants just patiently waiting in my wishlist) and statement earrings… I’m seriously trying to pluck up the courage to wear these as they just look so great on everyone else.


PS, check it out… my boyfriend made me my very own GIF!!! I’m thinking this may become a bit of a feature coz I love it so.



3 thoughts on “Outfit: Happy Pants

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