Outfit: Sassy Sunnies

This weekend, I finally got time to try out my rather sassy yellow sunglasses, that I have wanted to purchase for some time… It just so happens that Primark are selling them (also pink and blue ones) for just a measly Β£1 so of course I bought them… they do not keep the sun at bay one iota (is that how you spell it? It’s just occurred to me that I’ve said it many a time but never actually written the word) but it’s all in the name of fashion.

I’ve been finding it difficult of late to think up outfits for the blog (as probably like most of you, I actually can’t afford to buy new clothes every week which is really annoying when I want to do new and exciting posts) if only we could all afford daily shopping binges init???

But I do find that with a few choice accessories you can make an outfit look brand spanking new… the blouse has appeared on the blog before, right here in fact but the jeans and sunnies are new, paired in a different way, hopefully they will inspire you.

I really liked this post, so hope you feel the same. I am writing this semi intoxicated in Italy and I wanted to post this as I am planning to take the rest of the time off whilst I am here but wanted to post something new on my blog prior to my break.

Hopefully I will be able to collect some great blog locations along the way (as those who follow my instagram will see… follow it if you want to see what I’m up to on my trip to Italy.)

As always, thanks for reading, and keep posted for my Italy looks!



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