Outfit: Shake ya Pom Poms

Holiday Styling.

So after a 2 week break I am back and so excited to share my first Italy look. Of course by the time this is posted I will have been back over a week, so shooting this look will feel like a very distant memory, I mean it already does to be honest. Why is it that as soon as you get back off holiday it feels like you’ve never been away? Your tan starts fading on the plane, you’re already wondering if your plants have survived and what to get in your next big shop (mainly all green things after a diet of heavy beige) and once you get back to work that’s it… Holiday? What holiday? Am I right?

Anyway, Italy was the most amazing break and although I’m super sad to be home I made so many more amazing memories in a country that already means so much to me. This shoot was taken in Pienza, the most beautiful place in Tuscany… I mean just look at them views, stealing my thunder or what? It is the 2nd time I have been here and it was just as breathtaking as I remembered.

So, dressing for holidays has always been some what of a countdown conundrum for me, I just feel like I never quite get it right.* So for Italy this year, I packed full outfits but also threw in some bits I’ve been wanting to style, just to give myself more freedom (we all know that planned outfits never look how you want them to).

This is quite a short dress for me but when on holiday… AND it was 34 degrees that day, yes, I’m surprised I hadn’t melted. I never really like to wear anything short and tend not to wear skirts/dresses/shorts in general, mostly because I’m not the biggest fan of my legs (especially my squishy knees) but I have to say I was pleasantly surprised at these photos and I now feel like I’ve actually made friends with my legs (and my squishy knees) and thats something to be celebrated! We must big up ourselves when the opportunity arises, lord knows we are too quick to put ourselves down.

So this is me in a super cute, super short, floral dress with beaut frill detailing. I loved wearing this dress and felt particularly confident in it, even though it was a last minute buy and I hadn’t tried it on before that night (when does that ever happen, an outfit actually working out?)… I do think the pom pom earrings added extra sass to my life that evening though so maybe they had something to do with the confidence. These earrings are just YASSSS!!! And only Β£1.50 from Primark!

My favourite thing about being in the sunshine is that you can just pop on a little dress and some sandals and you’re away. Minimal effort = Happy Laura.

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*I think the problem I have with holiday wear is that I always feel quite exposed and very aware of the fact and being quite a comfortable dresser this really effects me. I always resort to just playing it safe when away but this year (for the blogs sake) I really wanted to make an effort to get some (hopefully) great posts, so I stepped out of the comfort zone and bared some flesh and I have to say I loved the outcome! The photo’s taken for my blog in Italy really restored some confidence and on the whole I was pleased with my outfit choices, so stay tuned for the rest of my looks over the coming weeks, I’m so excited to show them to you! 😁

PS. I’m defo a massive pro at packing, 2 weeks of holiday attire in hand luggage (I’ve done 3 weeks before now… Yes, I know!!!)



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