Outfit: Feeling Blue

Holiday Styling

So the 3rd outfit from Italy is leaving me feeling blue, as I’m missing being on holiday so much. Like seriously, my tan has completely faded, I’m cold all the time and I’ve not lost any of my holiday weight as I’m too depressed to diet… if anything I’m even bigger now but I daren’t step on the scales to confirm it! Life is poop but at least I can show you some pretty pictures of an Italian stairway.

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So, I bought this dress on a whim the morning of the holiday, an absolute bargain at just Ā£5 from H&M. I really loved the colour and the draped detailing at the front but mostly it was the length that attracted me, finally not too short!!! (Not that that’s been stopping me lately… legs everywhere!)

I found this dress really flattering and easy to wear, it needs little accessorising, so just simple earrings and my trusty oriental print bag for a hint of colour. To be fair, 2 weeks in hand luggage didn’t exactly spare enough room for an excessive amount of shoes and accessories so hello Sandals for the 3rd time running.

So, since coming home I’ve washed this dress and it’s currently a crumpled mess hanging in the wardrobe (you know that annoying fabric that does that?)… the thought of ironing it is just too much to bare in this post holiday state of depression, so it will probably hang there for eternity and never be worn again… does anyone else do that?

PS. Who spotted the extremely pink feet? Think that was just before all the skin shedded off them… oh the absolute glamour!

PPS. 3 more looks to go from Italy… next week is possibly my fave so get excited for that one! šŸ˜œ



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