a b o u t

Hi, I’m Laura, a Visual Assistant living in the Northern Quarter, Manchester.

Starting a blog has been on my agenda for some time now but being a creature of procrastination I have put it off time and time again, until now!!!

I’ve found my late 20’s to be a peculiar phase in my life, a phase where I’m questioning everything… Should I be married already? Shouldn’t I be further along in my career by now? Is my body clock ticking? We may not have the ‘dough’ or a ring on our finger but great style doesn’t cost a thing and a diamond ring isn’t the only accessory we can wear.

In this blog I hope to combine style inspiration with the reality of late 20’s lifestyle. I am a down to earth, regular girl with limited funds, some days I don’t get out of my pyjamas and only eat coco pops, other days I am superwoman (these days mainly consist of managing to clean the flat, put a wash on and cook tea whilst dressed in actual clothes).

With Whitebread I aim to inspire my fellow prinnies, the women fast approaching 30 and totally winging it through life, the struggle is real and so are we!

🍞 x