30 things I’ve learnt in 30 years…


  1. You definitely will not know what you want to do for the rest of your life at the age of 18… or even 30.
  2. There is no advice you can give for heartbreak… you are grieving for a person that isn’t dead and as cliche as it is, time is the only healer.
  3. Misery loves company, like seriously.
  4. A good family unit will get you through your lowest times… if you are lucky enough to have them, treasure them.
  5. Your sisters will become your absolute best friends.
  6. Relationships are HARD… films definitely do not prepare you for that!
  7. Up until 30 (maybe longer, I’ll keep you posted) you will genuinely believe that if you put on a school uniform you would be mistaken for a 15 year old.
  8. You will never fully understand mortgages, tax, how people in Aldi scan so fast…
  9. 29 is the year you will actually start worrying about the ageing process and possibly consider botox for that annoying crease by your eyebrow caused by years of resting bitch face. (Also a few weeks before my 30th, millions of grey hairs appeared from no where, Mother nature is looking on somewhere and pissing herself.)
  10. 29 is also the year that you will physically begin to hear your biological clock start ticking… like the thought of having a baby isn’t that scary anymore, and thats fucking TERRIFYING!
  11. You will lose 70% of your best friends, even the ones you never thought you would.
  12. No matter what anyone says, exercise has never become addictive to me… you know what is addictive? Getting in from work and sitting on your arse all evening.
  13. I will never be the girl who gets up early and actually makes a full effort for work… every new year I have the intension of doing so but come March, I’ve got my 3 day unwashed hair scraped up with not a scrap of make up on… Hey!!! This is meee!
  14. I never brush my hair (ok maybe like once a week after I wash it) and I have zero split ends and everyone always comments on how thick it is… You can decide if thats a top beauty hack or not? Pahahahaha!
  15. Breakfast is the best meal of the day… you can have savoury, you can have sweet… dammit, you can have both if you so wish!
  16. Owners definitely do look like their dogs, I’ll pass on the French Bulldogs and the daschunds, give me my Lil any day… scruffy blonde hair (see point 14), sassy attitude, lives for comfort… sound familiar?
  17. Having a bath, putting on clean pyjamas and getting into new bedding is one of life’s best simple pleasures, FACT!
  18. Sometimes in life, a McDonalds is necessary, there is no explanation, it just is!
  19. School days really are the best days… God, how old does that make me sound? I remember eye-rolling so hard when people used to say that to me!
  20. Napping is always a good idea.
  21. Saturday Night by Whigfield is the best song EVER… a group of people, dancing in unison is the type of shit I live for, like it doesn’t happen enough in life as far as I’m concerned!
  22. Sometimes you MUST be selfish. Do not compromise on the things you want out of life, or one day you will find yourself so far down someone else’s path you won’t be able to find the way back to your own.
  23. Your boyfriend will never know what you want unless you literally sit him down and tell him, word for word… For a more harmonious love life, just learn to live what that fact.
  24. Winged eyeliner will never be your friend… the older you get, the more it hates you… have you ever tried putting eyeliner on a wrinkly eyelid?
  25. I can almost guarantee that your life will not turn out how you expected it. You will hit 30 and wonder how the hell you got here.
  26. If you’re anything like me, being able to drink in moderation will never be your strong point… I’m an all or nothing girl in everything, completely sober or annihilated, strict diet or eating the world, completely besotted or loath entirely (to quote the grinch)… Go hard or go home, although about 80% of the time I wish I’d gone home!
  27. In life you will either choose love or career… I will ALWAYS choose love, maybe thats why I’ve never really figured out what my calling is!?
  28. A life without travel is not really a life at all, explore new places, book trips, see the world. I haven’t done nearly enough travelling for my liking but I know I will.
  29. – is the age you will wish you could stay.
  30. – will be the making of you (you hope).

Life: Has technology given us commitment Issues?

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I used to buy fashion magazines religiously, now I can’t even remember the last time I purchased one, or even read one to be quite honest. Nowadays, everything seems to have become quicker, information is at the click of a button, you no longer have to trawl through pages of adverts to get to the article you desire, it’s there on your screen in a matter of seconds (depending on the speed of your internet). But lately I find myself dreaming of a passionate tryst with a glossy mag, flicking through the pages, breathing in that fresh page scent, sourcing the trends that are to become part of our very being over the following months (even if we despise them at first… hello statement earrings!). Yes, it’s so much easier nowadays to go online for information but I miss the romance of reading, the feeling that you can actually complete something in it’s totality, because lets face it you could never finish all the articles on the internet.

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Life: Living Alone

So, I interrupt the Italy posts for some light(ish) post bank holiday reading, about where I am right now after my last “life” post that seems bloody ages ago (read it here). In that post I was talking about the upheaval of life as I know it, when Theo were to eventually move to the US of A… well it happened, the day actually arrived, after all the months of thinking something miraculous would stop it, it just went and happened anyway!!!

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Life: Oh Life


Quite a different post today, just something I wanted to introduce into my blog as I initially set out to talk about the everyday life of the twenty-something woman and really all I’ve done is talk about clothes… and although that is a BIG part, there’s a lot more to us, right?

So, life as a (late) twenty-something woman. Not really the easiest time, I’ve heard that once you hit 30 you are overcome with this sense of being and empowerment… at 29 I mostly feel anxious and sleepy, so if that’s the case then bring on the big 30!!!

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